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Adoption inevitably raises a range of psychological issues for adoptees, the adoptive family, as well the birth parent of the child who was adopted, where the impact of adoption can be lifelong. For many it raises some difficult and painful questions that are not easy to raise with those immediately around you, which is why speaking with someone neutral who is trained in being sensitive to these issues can be vital.

Individuals struggling with adoption may wish to understand why they are feeling the way they are, find new coping strategies, manage stress more effectively, or learn more about the lifelong effects of adoption.

Identity can be a key issue for adoptees for example, particularly during teenage years, along with a powerful need to find out why they were ‘given up’. This can sometimes lead to the wish to trace birth parents, which can often turn out to be a challenging process in itself, with outcomes that were not always anticipated.

Suitable support during the above process can be vital, and at Worcester Therapy Group we have specialist counsellors who are specifically trained in supporting both parents and adoptees with these issues.

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