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Depression is a medical term used to describe the condition of a person whose mood is lowered, perhaps to feeling constantly unhappy, or even to such an extent that they may be at the point of feeling suicidal.


What causes depression?

Life events such as bereavement, abuse suffered early on in life or the loss of a job or relationship can cause depression. In some cases a feeling of lowered mood escalates into depression for no apparent reason. There are also physical reasons for why some people experience depression.


Warning signs

  • Your mood is always low; you may feel unable to enjoy anythin.
  • Everything may seem harder to do, and it is difficult to concentrate
  • You may not feel like getting out of bed in the morning. You may feel tired all of the time as if you have no energy
  • Sleeping and eating patterns may become disrupted
  • When things are really bad you may become preoccupied with thoughts of suicide

Ways to manage depression

  • Recognise that there are no instant solutions to problems in life, especially depression
  • Acknowledge that you are experiencing problems and share this with a supportive trustworthy friend or member of you family
  • Seek help via your GP or contact an experienced counsellor or therapist

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