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Anger Management

Anger is a normal and natural reaction to feeling threatened, violated or receiving unjust treatment. In itself it is neither good nor bad; but it can be frightening. It can go from feelings of mild irritation to seeing a red mist in front of your eyes and feeling an uncontrollable rage. Anger is an emotion that many people suppress, this can be as harmful as experiencing uncontrolled rage. Suppressed anger can have many physical and emotional symptoms such as poor digestion, high blood pressure, depression and addictions.

Angry feelings can lead to destructive and violent behaviour and so we tend to be frightened of it in others and in ourselves. The way we are brought up plays an important part in how we express our anger. We may come from a family where we were not able to show feelings of anger, or one where we may have witnessed destructive and violent outburst, which cause us to fear anger.

Ways to manage your anger

Learn ways to be more assertive. Being assertive means you are clearer in your communications and are more likely to have your needs understood and met

Examine your past patterns of behaviour and history around anger. See if you can begin to rectify any of the unhealthy ways of expressing anger you may have adopted

Acknowledge old angers from the past, especially from your childhood. Perhaps you could begin to change your attitude to what has happened to you

If anger causes you to want to lash out, then learn to walk away from situations and explain that you are too angry to talk at the moment


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stress counselling in worcester


The way you feel when you are under abnormal pressure. If it persists, it can have a harmful effect on your physical and mental wellbeing. Stress through life is often unavoidable but we can all develop ways of managing it better.

Causes of Stress

Life events such as breakdown in relationships and bereavement can be stressful. Our environment can cause us to become stressed e.g. noisy workplaces, or not having enough money to live on and worrying about debt.


Warning Signs

If you feel like you have no energy, are more irritable than usual, if your sleeping, eating or drinking habits change, if you feel tense or have started to use drugs or alcohol differently, you may be stressed.


Ways to Manage Stress

  • Find new ways to relax and balance your work and leisure time
  • Avoid caffeine-based drinks (this includes tea)
  • Try and avoid sugary drinks and snacks. They will give you a hit of energy but leave you feeling jittery
  • Eat as healthily as you can, eg foods that release energy slowly such as fruit, pasta, and protein, like fish
  • Try and reduce alcohol and cigarettes, they both have a negative effect on our bodies especially when we are under stress
  • Regular exercise stimulates feel-good endorphins and can aid a sense of wellbeing and encourage sleep
  • Find support from friends, be honest about how you are feeling and ask for help where you can

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