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Anger Management

Anger is a normal and natural reaction to feeling threatened, violated or receiving unjust treatment. In itself it is neither good nor bad; but it can be frightening. It can go from feelings of mild irritation to seeing a red mist in front of your eyes and feeling an uncontrollable rage. Anger is an emotion that many people suppress, this can be as harmful as experiencing uncontrolled rage. Suppressed anger can have many physical and emotional symptoms such as poor digestion, high blood pressure, depression and addictions.

Angry feelings can lead to destructive and violent behaviour and so we tend to be frightened of it in others and in ourselves. The way we are brought up plays an important part in how we express our anger. We may come from a family where we were not able to show feelings of anger, or one where we may have witnessed destructive and violent outburst, which cause us to fear anger.

Ways to manage your anger

Learn ways to be more assertive. Being assertive means you are clearer in your communications and are more likely to have your needs understood and met

Examine your past patterns of behaviour and history around anger. See if you can begin to rectify any of the unhealthy ways of expressing anger you may have adopted

Acknowledge old angers from the past, especially from your childhood. Perhaps you could begin to change your attitude to what has happened to you

If anger causes you to want to lash out, then learn to walk away from situations and explain that you are too angry to talk at the moment


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substance misuse counselling

Substance Misuse

What is substance misuse?

Alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are all forms of substances that are commonly used to alter our states of mind. Addiction is when our need for these substances rules our lives and influences our behaviour.

What causes substance misuse?

Alcohol is the most common substance misused within our population. Alcohol can be used to reduce inhibitions or bolster confidence in social settings. It can also be used to mask anxiety or “drown sorrows”. Excessive drinking can however be a symptom of depression and cause us to act in ways that are out of character and lead to distress for e.g. unwanted sexual encounters or spending too much money.

Ways to manage substance misuse?

  • Acknowledge your problem with the substances you are misusing and realise the effect they are having on your life
  • Try to imagine what your life would be like if you had more control and were not so reliant on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. Asses how much you want your life to change and what practical lifestyle changes you will need to make to facilitate the change
  • Keep a diary of your drinking, smoking or drug habit for a couple of weeks. Begin to assess the relationship you have with the substance you are misusing
  • Begin recovery by reducing the amount of alcohol drugs or cigarettes you are using. Asses times when it may be more difficult than others to do this or times when you will be tempted to overuse. Work out strategies for overcoming difficulties you may encounter

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