Anxiety & Panic

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Anxiety & Panic

Panic attacks often appear to come out of the blue, they strike suddenly and cause people to feel powerless and out of control. Many people experience panic attacks and most are able to learn to manage them with help. When faced with a situation we perceive as dangerous our body gears itself up for ‘flight or fight’. It does this through releasing adrenalin and this has the following effect on our bodies:

  • Muscles tense and breathing becomes faster and shallower
  • The heart pumps harder to get blood to where it is needed, blood is diverted away from areas which don’t need it
  • The senses become more alert i.e. hearing, taste, smell, sight and touch will all become more sensitive

Some Panic Attack Symptoms

In some cases a person may experience very rapid breathing or feeling unable to breathe, accompanied by a very rapid heartbeat. Often there are pains in the chest and feelings of faintness and dizziness. Sweating and ringing in the ears are also common signs.

Ways to Manage Panic Attacks

Breathing into a paper bag or into a cupped hand will help to reduce the symptoms of a panic attack initially

Learning various relaxation and breathing techniques will help, as will ensuring a good diet to maintain blood sugar levels

One of the first steps to managing panic attacks is to recognise your thoughts and feelings in the build up to an attack and also telling yourself that you have the power to control your symptoms

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