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Client Worksheets

Thoughts, Feelings, ActionsAugust 11, 20223067File link
RCADSAugust 4, 20223066File link
Anxiety InformationJuly 28, 20223065File link
Fact and OpinionJune 28, 20223046File link
Behavioural Activation WHCBTJune 20, 20223045File link
exposure diaryJune 14, 20223044File link
MindfullnessMay 9, 20223026File link
What maintains social anxietyApril 20, 20223016File link
Productive and Unproductive worryApril 12, 20223015File link
Assertive CommunicationApril 11, 20223014File link
what is anxietyApril 5, 20223013File link
Challenging Intolerance of UncertaintyMarch 9, 20222999File link
Model of GADMarch 9, 20222998File link
MDSMarch 3, 20222997File link
calming techniquesMarch 3, 20222996File link
What is low self esteemJanuary 20, 20222969File link
RCADSDecember 1, 20212958File link
Social Anxiety Diary1November 10, 20212943File link
Social Anxiety DiaryNovember 10, 20212942File link
Social Interaction Anxiety ScaleSeptember 21, 20212904File link
Procrastination-Practical StrategiesSeptember 16, 20212863File link
Encourage rather than CriticiseSeptember 16, 20212862File link
Why do I feel lonelySeptember 6, 20212858File link
Procrastination ExcusesSeptember 2, 20212857File link
Procrastination ExcusesSeptember 2, 20212856File link
Behavioural ExperimentSeptember 2, 20212855File link
Self-esteemAugust 26, 20212854File link
Problem Solving (YP)July 27, 20212846File link
Challenging NATS (YP)July 27, 20212845File link
What Matters to Me (YP)July 26, 20212844File link
Adjusting Rules and AssumptionsJuly 22, 20212843File link
Cycle of ProcrastinationJuly 22, 20212842File link
Social Anxiety Safety BehavioursJuly 20, 20212840File link
What is Social AnxietyJuly 20, 20212839File link
CrestJuly 15, 20212838File link
Positive TraitsJuly 15, 20212837File link
Procrastination-Rules and assumptionsJuly 8, 20212836File link
What is procrastinationJuly 8, 20212835File link
Behavioural Activation CyclesJune 30, 20212833File link
Exposure RecordJune 29, 20212832File link
exposureJune 29, 20212831File link
Making a Worry BoxJune 28, 20212830File link
test docJune 28, 20212829File link
Challenging Negative ThoughtsJune 24, 20212827File link
Breathing techniques (YP)June 23, 20212826File link
Magical ThinkingJune 22, 20212825File link
Activity LogJune 16, 20212817File link
Habituation DiagramJune 15, 20212816File link
Track SuccessJune 10, 20212815File link
Accepting UncertaintyJune 10, 20212814File link
CYBOCSJune 10, 20212813File link
Challenging Intolerance of UncertaintyMay 27, 20212811File link
Spence Anxiety ScaleMay 20, 20212810File link
Calm BreathingMay 20, 20212809File link
What is AnxietyMay 20, 20212808File link
Self-Harm information SheetMay 20, 20212803File link
APPLEMay 13, 20212802File link
Cycle of UncertaintyMay 13, 20212801File link
APPLEMay 13, 20212800File link
Cognitive DefusionMay 13, 20212799File link
Classify your Worries (YP)May 10, 20212797File link
Worry Diary (YP)May 10, 20212796File link
Calming Methods (YP)May 10, 20212795File link
Worry Tree (YP)May 10, 20212794File link
Recognising StrengthsMay 6, 20212793File link
JG PartsMay 2, 20212792File link
Types of Worry (YP)April 30, 20212791File link
Types of Worry-Key Points (YP)April 26, 20212769File link
Classify Worries (YP)April 26, 20212768File link
What is Worry? (YP)April 26, 20212767File link
GroundingApril 19, 20212746File link
Worry TreeApril 19, 20212745File link
Types of worryApril 19, 20212744File link
Worry TimeApril 15, 20212742File link
Imposter Syndrome CycleApril 15, 20212741File link
MDSApril 15, 20212740File link
Positive AffirmationsApril 12, 20212739File link
Progressive Muscle Relaxation (YP)April 12, 20212738File link
Adjusting the RulesMarch 29, 20212731File link
Thought diary (YP)March 29, 20212730File link
Imposter Syndrome Self Assessment ToolMarch 25, 20212700File link
Self Esteem ScaleMarch 25, 20212699File link
Thought DiaryMarch 25, 20212698File link
Unhelpful Thinking StylesMarch 25, 20212697File link
Positive Coping StatementsMarch 24, 20212696File link
Progressive Muscle RelaxationMarch 16, 20212570File link